Did you think buying your interior furniture was daunting? Wait until you try to buy outdoor furniture. There is so much more that you have to consider and still the aesthetic appeal has to be on point. You also have to consider that the furniture will be at the mercies of the unforgiving weather and for it to be able to survive this, you have to make your choice very carefully. That is why most people have a great lawn with no furniture on it. If you fall into this bracket, you can count this the day your garden and patio got a new breath of life thanks to your newly acquired ability to get the best outdoor furniture. Here are some tips that could be very helpful when you hit the market looking for new pieces to place on your patio or backyard.

Insist on quality

Even though the furniture is going outdoors, it does not mean that you should settle for mediocrity and poor workmanship. It is important to make sure that you pay for nothing other than pristine quality and competent work on any outdoor furniture. Check for sloppy welds, cracked casters and poor finishes on painting. These can expose your furniture to the aspects of weather and even make it weaker hence it has a shorter life span. Inspect every piece carefully to ensure that it meets your standards. Since they are exposed to extreme levels of strain, a weak piece would not be able to last for long. So you have to make sure that regardless of the material, the assembly and the finishing are done above par.

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One of the greatest tips that you can get when buying furniture for your outdoors is that form follows function. You have to first evaluate how you would like to use the furniture and how much time you intend to be spending on it. For instance, if you are looking for something that you could be moving from one place to the other, you could opt for a plastic or aluminum chair. You can even get one that is collapsible for easier storage. However, this might not last as long and might not be able to handle heavy abuse like iron or stainless chair. However, the latter will not be easily portable. Having a hang of exactly what you would like the furniture to do will allow you to pick pieces that have the form that will serve your function.


Allow flexibility

It is easy to get fixated on how strong the furniture should be that you forget it is equally important for them to be able to serve more than one function. For instance, you can use the accordion tables as extensions when you have guests over. Having flexible furniture for outdoors allows it serve you better and more comprehensively.


Material and design

Each material has its up and downsides and understanding each of them before making a purchase will protect you from being sidelined and suffering the consequences of your mistakes. It is critical to make sure that you have a great experience while at this by choosing materials that are not only durable but that will complement the rest of the décor. Keep in mind that the weather around your place is critical while doing this.


While you have your plate full with considerations, do not forget that you are looking for a great way to save as well. Looking around for sales and discounts is perfectly fine to get the best pieces for the best price. However, do not go for a lower price at the expense of the quality of the furniture. In the long run, this proves to be more costly.



More and more homeowners are trying to create outdoor living space to extend the square footage of their homes. Many hope to increase their livable space quickly and cost-effectively by adding an outdoor room. An outdoor room combines the practicality of living indoors with the beauty and freedom of spending time outside. Creating an outdoor living space such as a pergola is a functional and creative way to define outdoor space without restraining it.

What is a pergola?
A pergola is a specific type of gazebo which combines aesthetics with practicality. While a gazebo is generally defined by its shingled or stretched fabric roof, a pergola creates shelter from the vines which grow on and surround it. A pergola unites natural and man-made elements to create a unique and functional focal point for almost any garden.

In Egypt, Greece and Italy pergolas traditionally were used to create a shaded walkway or passage between buildings. The framework of stone, brick or wood was covered by vines which were trained to grow around the structure. A pergola was often used as a covered area to link two buildings together, but it can also stand alone as the primary feature of a garden.

Pergolas Today

Barcelona chairs under a modern pergola

Barcelona chairs under a modern pergola

Recently, wooden pergolas have almost entirely replaced the stone and brick pergolas of the Italian Renaissance. Pergolas constructed from Western Red Cedar and Coastal Redwood are popular today because of their affordability and durability. These weather resistant woods create a stable shelter which will last for decades. The wood can be stained or left to age naturally according to the owner’s aesthetics.

Custom Pergolas
Custom and standard pergola kits are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Homeowners can choose to construct their own pergola or purchase a pergola in pieces which can be reconstructed on site. Vinyl and fiberglass pergolas are becoming increasingly available as the demand for versatile, affordable and durable outdoor living space increases.

Wisteria and grapevines are popular adornments for these natural gazebos. These fragrant vines provide protection from the sun and wind while incorporating the structure naturally into the landscape.

What the homeowner chooses to put under the pergola is a reflection of the owner’s personal needs and style. Many homeowners use the pergola to cover an outdoor sitting or eating area. Larger or more elaborate pergolas can be used to cover outdoor kitchens or connect buildings.

Pergolas can be designed to reflect the homeowner’s needs and personal style. A pergola allows homeowners to enjoy the inside and out simultaneously while increasing the livable square footage of their homes.

How to Build Pergola

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No, not those monstrosities in your grandparent’s house, but the updated version of an age-old method of making durable furniture and timeless pieces of art. A good example is this particular furniture company which makes durable and timeless Bauhaus furniture. Having bespoke furniture in your house can elevate your décor to new heights and there is a certain snob value in naming your newly-found and oh-so-exclusive furniture maker. If your friends turn their noses up at your new design direction, you can point them to the Eiffel Tower as the best example of enduring and beautiful wrought iron work. You can also mention that the best examples of railings, cemetery fences, balconies, gates, and fences can be found in New Orleans.

Wrought iron comes from “to work” and requires the raw material to be of a particular quality, otherwise it cannot be used (worked) with high heat. With updated manufacturing methods, designs have also been updated to suit the modern home.

Chandeliers have become more delicate and quant with side servers taking on old-fashioned filigree patterns. Grape vines entwine the legs of dining tables and wind their way around the back of matching chairs.

Not only has wrought iron’s designs been updated, but new materials are being paired with it to produce functional yet good looking furniture. Solid wood table tops come in a variety of profiles to soften the practical nature of the wrought iron.

Other materials are also being used as non-traditional partnerships – wicker and moulded plastic have become commonplace. Inlaid mosaic from recycled tiles makes a bold statement and the design reflects your personal style – no two designs will ever be exactly the same.


Leather is also lending a helping hand for wrought iron to be more accepted as contemporary furniture by being integrated in the design and not just sitting on top of a chair or table.



Beds have also taken on the whimsical or robust with headboards and bases being designed according to the particular taste of the homeowner. What was a piece of necessary furniture can now easily stand on its own as a piece of unique art.



Outdoor furniture has traditionally been where examples of wrought iron furniture could be found, and that is still the case today. Here the designs have also been given a make-over in the form of chaise longues becoming daintier and adults’ swings becoming more… adult.

Having a uniquely designed gazebo to host romantic dinners on balmy summer nights will make you the envy of all your friends and neighbours.

The list of items becomes longer the more one thinks of the possibilities – gates, shelf brackets, balcony balustrades, fire grates and accessories, braziers, stairway railings – are examples of functional items. There is no end to the number of artistic pieces and “just because” objects that wrought iron can’t lend its special magic to. The added bonus is that whatever you decide to add to your home will be available for several generations to appreciate.